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Friday, October 30, 2015

In The Moment

“Clean your room!” “Text me.” “Are you new here?” “What are THOSE?” “Why are wearing that?” “You will have a test tomorrow!” "Take out the trash." "He doesn't even like you anymore." "I'm sorry I couldn't invite you." "I'm going to have to call your mom."

With so many people talking to me, how can it feel so lonely sometimes?
Every girl needs someone to be in the moment with them. To be in the moment is to be present and engaged in things that are important to you. Does anyone else ever feel lonely in the middle of the noise and the chaos?

• You can hear your parents constantly reminding you to be everything you were meant to be, but they don’t even know that you have no friends and everyone thinks you’re ugly. You doubt if you were ever meant to be anything, much less something as great as they think you are.
• Your parents fight all of time and they are completely out of words when it comes to communicating with you. They don’t really care what you do, but you really wish they did.
• Your teacher just goes too fast for you to actually learn. You want to make good grades, but you haven’t turned in homework in weeks because you just don’t understand how to do it.
• Your friend(s) just started making bad choices and your choice is to follow them or stay home alone every weekend.
• You two were best friends last year and now she won’t even talk to you. What changed?
• Your older sibling has starting using drugs and has anger issues. You are so worried about them, but you can’t tell anyone because they will hate you.
• You continue to lose weight, but no one knows that you take diet pills and haven’t eaten a full meal in 2 days.

Noise, noise, noise. Sometimes a quick word of encouragement is exactly what you need to get through the rest of the day. Someone who understands what you’re thinking or feeling. Who is that someone when everyone you know just adds NOISE to your life? Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and you may find the exact someone to be “In The Moment With You”.

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