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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Why you need your girlfriend.

I’m a late bloomer. I knew I wanted to teach since I was in 6th grade but didn’t finish my degree until I was 29. I started teaching as an emergency substitute placement in January 2001. I taught and loved almost every minute of it until our first child came home through adoption. I took time to be with her then we moved overseas. When we returned, I had a case management certification and became a social worker. While it’s a hard job, I enjoyed the “wins” in social work. Though it was a good season, I always missed teaching.
I decided a couple of years ago that I wanted to get back into the schools. I spoke with my girlfriend about my idea of becoming a school counselor. She knew that required an advanced degree I didn’t have. It would mean going back to school while working part-time and raising four kids. She suggested I start back to teaching then decide if I wanted to be a counselor.
Boy, I was nervous about it. I had to take five tests to get my qualifications in my state! I was so afraid of failing that I didn’t want to do it. What if I failed the tests? What if I didn’t get hired? What about the new technology, the new standards?
I boldly shared my dream with some other girlfriends, who also encouraged me and reminded me of the importance of a caring teacher. I began substitute teaching and passed all of my tests! This school year, I am in a long-term sub assignment for the first three months of school. We will see where this leads but let me tell you, I am loving the kids, the teaching team, the administration, every single part of it! I am in the exact school where I want to teach! I am living my dream!
What I just realized, while walking past the school counselors’ offices this morning, is that I don’t want to be a school counselor. While she was gentle in her approach, I think my friend knew the classroom is where I belong, she just wanted me to realize it myself. That is what a friend does, she doesn’t let you miss out on your heart’s desire because of fear, she encourages you to pursue and realize your dream!
Much love,