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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fearfully Brave

For close to a year, In the Moment has been devoted to providing positive, encouraging words to girls needing to be filled up with love and acceptance of who they are. It has been so much fun to read the comments and watch new followers come on board each day. Although In the Moment has been fully visible for the past year, it has been in the making for much longer. We believe that today it is important to introduce the people behind In the Moment because as this next year unfolds, we are super excited to share the new things coming our way.
In the Moment is a direct result of the lives of two women who have truly lived. Truly living does not mean that we have lived these incredibly, perfect lives and we desire to tell you exactly how to do that too. It mostly means that we have lived and continue to live beautifully messy lives. We have been best friends for 17 years, but only lived in the same state for about 2 of those years. That hasn’t always been easy, but the road we have traveled is worth sharing with other girls who want to feel connected through relationships. We are both happily married, to men who are, ironically, also best friends. Strangely (not really) though, their relationship is nothing like ours. They knew each other long before we did and if you ask them, they would say they are close, but they don’t “talk”; or solve any of the world’s problems over the phone; or beat any kind of dead horse together. Talk about beating dead horses, if we see any sign of movement on a topic that we feel passionate about, you can bet there is a wine Skype in our very near future. Truth be told, our husbands are very thankful for our friendship because if they had to listen to us talk about the same issues as often as we do, we would NOT be happily married. To us, it’s just the way we do things. We are Christian women who constantly challenge righteousness to its core. We believe that grace and mercy are the only ways that we get through a day. We both took an unspoken vow several years ago to be our most authentic selves to each other as well as to the people who watch us every day. We fail at this often, because many times our authentic selves are not very pretty, but we are committed to keep trying. We are both moms of bunches of kids with bunches of things to talk about surrounding our kids. We each have biological children as well as adopted children with both situations having its own blessings and challenges because at the end of the day, that is what we call family. And lastly (for now) as if having a bunch of kids of our own, mostly teenagers, is not enough, we also both teach in middle school.
Our next two posts will be dedicated to revealing more about Chrissie Woodruff and Lori Pyle as we seek to truly be In the Moment with each of you. Thanks for reading!

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